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Lease your land
wind turbine,
solar farm or
energy storage

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Energix Polska deals with the development of projects in the renewable energy industry, from design, through construction, to the operation phase.

Why us?

  • Financial security - you gain an additional, reliable source of income

  • We guarantee long-term cooperation in the event of a lease

  • We provide a favorable and individual valuation

  • We have specialist knowledge, many years of experience in the industry and all competences to implement even the most complex projects

  • International experience

  • By the end of 2022, we will have 300 MW of projects in operation





 What are we looking for?

 We are looking for new areas for OZE investments throughout the country that meet the following criteria:


  Wind Farm

- location at least 200 m from the forest
- location outside the area of landscape parks, reserves, Natura 2000 area
- no immediate vicinity of buildings

Photovoltaic Farm / Storage

- soil class IV or worse
- unforested areas, min. 100 m from the forest
- area with an area of min. 1 ha

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