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Who We Are

Energix Group is a global renewable energy company, with operations in the United States, Poland, and Israel. We are a one-stop-shop for renewable energy projects, managing the full lifecycle of solar (PV) and wind energy generation projects, from the planning and construction stages through their operational activity.

Our activities are rooted in our triple-win strategy, through which we strive to simultaneously create value for the environment, the community and the company itself.


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The Projects


Our Wind Farms

 Energix Polska has 300,6 MW in the Commercial Operation phase, 11,85 MW under Construction and approx. 670 MW PV&Wind Development Stage. 

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300,6 MW

11,85 MW

670 MW

Commercial Operation


Development PV, Wind, Storage

Banie - Kozielice I & II
Faza Budowy
Banie-Kozielice Wind Farm 106MW

Banie-Kozielice Wind Farm 106MW

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